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API-Guide Language Packs

To install these language packs, simply unzip them to the API-Guide installation directory. 

Available languages:

Catalan (created by INiX)
Chinese (created by Michael Kuo)
Dutch (created by The KPD-Team)
English (created by The KPD-Team)
French (1)(created by Louis P. Dauphinais)
French (2)(created by Pascal Milliez)
German (created by Martin Kramer)
Italian (created by Giuseppe Coniglio)
Norwegian (created by Erik Hepsř)
Polish (created by Peter Magdziak)
Russian (created by Alexander Klimoff)

Spanish (1)(created by PilarMMF)
Spanish (2)(created by Carlos J. Rguez)
Spanish (3)(created by Juan M. Chamorro Fernández)
Spanish (4)(created by SoulNet)
Spanish (5)(created by Jorge Alberto Pasten)

Swedish (created by Peter Kind)
Turkish (created by Megasoft)

If you want to translate API-Guide to another language, please click here.

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