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-The ExtendedMsgBox-module allows you to manipulate the standard Message Boxes. You can create a self-closing Messagebox, you can specify the startup position of the Messagebox, you can change the standard icon to any bitmap you choose and you can modify the standard text from the Messagebox buttons.
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-It's a form that gathers and shows information about the computer.
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-This module contains some handy functions to read from, write to and enumerate from the registry.
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-You won't need the comdlg32 control anymore if you download this module. It contains functions like ShowOpen, ShowSave, ShowColor, ShowPrintDlg, BrowseForFolder, ...
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-This module shows you how to play wave-files, seek to a specific position, check if the file is still playing, and much more.
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-Ever wondered how to add 'Search a File' functionality to your program? Well, here's the answer. You can search specific files or files that satisfy to a certain pattern.
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