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'This project needs 2 Buttons
Private Type POINTAPI
    x As Long
    y As Long
End Type
Private Declare Function ClientToScreen Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long, lpPoint As POINTAPI) As Long
Private Declare Function SetCursorPos Lib "user32" (ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function GetDeviceCaps Lib "gdi32" (ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal nIndex As Long) As Long

Private Sub Form_Load()
    'KPD-Team 1998

    Command1.Caption = "Screen Middle"
    Command2.Caption = "Form Middle"
    'API uses pixels
    Me.ScaleMode = vbPixels
End Sub
Private Sub Command1_Click()
    'Get information about the screen's width
    P.x = GetDeviceCaps(Form1.hdc, 8) / 2
    'Get information about the screen's height
    P.y = GetDeviceCaps(Form1.hdc, 10) / 2
    'Set the mouse cursor to the middle of the screen
    ret& = SetCursorPos(P.x, P.y)
End Sub
Private Sub Command2_Click()
    P.x = 0
    P.y = 0
    'Get information about the form's left and top
    ret& = ClientToScreen&(Form1.hwnd, P)
    P.x = P.x + Me.ScaleWidth / 2
    P.y = P.y + Me.ScaleHeight / 2
    'Set the cursor to the middle of the form
    ret& = SetCursorPos&(P.x, P.y)
End Sub

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